Mot bakgrund av flödande omständigheter In light of flowing circumstances (2020)


Skissernas museum Lund

Glimåkra Ice Rink.

Five speakers, one table with a surface of water, five sculptures with black flags collects this 6 channel sound installation.

The Ocean, the Mire, the Brook, the Pond and the River are gathered around a table. Embodied through the speakers are every water-individual also represented with a black flag. The meeting reflects a scenario, a conference, where water meets as individuals to discuss urgent matters on a language humans do not understand. They/we can only stand back, listen and contemplate. They/we trust what happens in the meeting room.

The installation aims to carry out voices from species and fenomenon on this planet that communicates with vibrations and frequencies we are not adapted to. The vibrations on the water surface becomes the visual language of the voices from the water bodies.

Photo: tm